Nextjob helps people with special needs, who need extra support to move forward in their education and work life.

Unge mennesker på bænk

Nextjob in Gentofte offers a specially designed youth education (STU), optimization of work ability, skills development and job placement for young people and adults with special needs. Furthermore, Nextjob have four companies - Café Nema, iGenbrug (Secondhand Shop), The Gardener Team and The Janitory Team – in which it is possible to work with the support of job coaches. We have almost 20 years of experience in helping people with special needs to fulfill their job wishes. We co-operate with more than 200 companies on internships and employment on special terms.

The target group

The target group for our programs is people with special needs, who need extra support to move forward in their education and work life. The target group is e.g people with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, ADHD and other social, physical or psychological problems.

Everyone should have a chance

Nextjob’s fundamental point of view is that everyone ought to have the chance to test and use their skills in the labour market, regardless of whatever their condition might be. Therefore, we are dedicated to strengthen and develop our citizens’ academic and social skills, in order to make it possible for them to optimize their choices towards education and the job market.

The citizen in focus

Respect, understanding and equitable relationships are the key words for our work. We have an appreciative and holistic approach and focus on the individual's resources and opportunities. The goal is personal development, education and a job. However, this requires taking care of other considerations as well, such as housing, health and social network. Therefore we are in close cooperation with caregivers, social workers, home visitors and other professionals in our citizens’ networks.

All citizens will be assigned a primary contact person in Nextjob, who plan and coordinate the course for the individual. We prioritize to have a close and trusting relationship to our citizens and we are always available by phone.

We have team courses and individual programs, depending on age, income base and functionality.

Price and visitation

For information on price and visitation, please contact manager of Nextjob, Camilla Birch Johansson, telephone: 51 41 82 55,

Visit Nextjob

We welcome visits from both Danish and foreign organizations, institutions, educational institutions etc., who wants to learn more about our programs and our organization. We are happy to customize your visit so it fits your needs and interests.

If you would like to visit Nextjob, please contact manager of Nextjob, Camilla Birch Johansson, telephone: 51 41 82 55, cajo@gentofte,dk.

Nextjob is a part of ‘Job-, Aktivitets- og Kompetencecenteret’ in Gentofte municipality.


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